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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

We welcome you at «Ostranna» creative group site of original electronics for LARP, hobby and educational projects.

Electronics is the magic of our world. Even in larping this is not an exception. Electronics can make your larp better in many ways, but never build what you can buy (unless you enjoy the process).

Beauty is magic. And these are the two things we all strive to find, in larps too

We use technologies and radioelectronics to represent magic. We create elven daggers, talking Hogwarts portraits, wizard lockets...

But we may the same instruments to  represent technology too: «alien» detectors, laser doors, locks on NFC cards, saberfightng...

Now we may represent parts of game world closer to the source and structure things that would otherwise remain vague. Witcher’s Glove or Mass Effect biotic glove. 

Using electronics we may run the whole larp. It can be beautiful, functional or even invisible. Devices for «radiation» model for Fallout larp (700 identical devices with 11 differents functions). Or Armlet — universal device that can play music depending on other devices around it. We use it for «musical engine» for «Ticket to Atlantis» larp (based on Stephen King stories). Sex, Drugs, Fighting, Fear — all by Rock’n’Roll.

Also we make electronics for educational projects

You may follow us in Instagram or look at gallery of some our projects

Contact us: info@ostranna.ru, ostrannaelectronics@gmail.com.


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